Cops In A Quagmire

-Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789389624434
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2020
-Author: Sunil Ramanad
-Product Code: VPG19170


Pankaj Kumar has barely had time to settle in in his new role as the Superintendent of Police, Samudrapur, when a series of well-planned jewellery heists take place across the state of Paschim Rashtra. A Special Squad, constituted under Pankaj, not only manages to crack the cases in record time, but also goes about tracking the band of criminals like bloodhounds, catching them one by one.

But even as the Squad celebrates its achievements, trouble is brewing just around the corner. An informant, a woman with connections, dies under mysterious circumstances. And now the cops from the Special Squad find themselves answerable to the law!

What happens when the tables are turned? Can the police run as fast as they can chase? Grit, determination, brains, power and a bit of fortuitous luck—the cops need a combination of all of these to escape their predicament unscathed. But will they manage to find these hard-to-come-by ingredients or will they land up behind bars with criminals that they themselves once apprehended?

An edge-of-the-seat crime fiction thriller, Cops In A Quagmire, gives the reader a never-seen-before, up close and personal look at the dark world of cops and criminals.

SKU: VPG19170
Sunil Ramanand is an IPS officer of the 1994 batch borne on the Maharashtra Cadre. He is a distinguished alumnus of the then UDCT Bombay (now ICT Mumbai) wherefrom he graduated in Chemical Engineering. The author describes himself as an archetypal Kolhapuri.

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