Cricket in a monastery

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-Publication Year: 2018
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Why do some people feel lonely? How would the technique of visualization help overcome a failure mind set? Why do we need to accept our selves the way we are to achieve better success and more emotional fulfillment? And is there more to our life than eating, sleeping, sex and defending? The cricket world has many lessons to offer on a happy and meaningful living kishor, venky Aki and Shyam are monks living in a traditional monstery. Like the billions living outside, they too have their insecurities, challenges, joy, and sorrows. Yet a secret passion for cricket that they share bounds them in a special way. The combination of love for cricket and life in monastery offers them a unique vantage point to learn and grow in their own lives. In this fictional story we learn simple, yet profound truths that could help us live in harmony with our true inner selves. Venugopal Acharya has an honours degree in Economics and a Masters in International Finance. He is a teacher, a practicing monk over two decades, and an author three highly acclaimed books. His recent best-reseller, Are you Connected -25 key to live, grow and succeed with self and others, is published by penguin India. In this self-help book he shares practical skills that help us connect better to our own selves & improve our relationships with others. To read his writing and her his talks on mental hygiene & spiritual development , Visit

SKU: VPG18179
His third book ‘Cricket in a Monastery' is written as fiction. In this story, he shares valuable life lessons from a game of cricket. Venugopal is also a full-time teacher, monk, and a counsellor at ISKCON since the last two decades. Before choosing the monastic order, he worked with the Times Group after completing his MBA in Finance and a Masters in International finance. He has wealth of corporate experience, having undertaken projects for multinational companies such as KPMG and ICICI Bank. He shares his reflections, meditations, and discourses through his website "". With over 750+ posts on his website, Venugopal Acharya continues to help and guide the masses across borders. He is a seasoned international speaker, having travelled and spoken in the U.K, Russia, Amsterdam, Bahrain and Australia where he shares his thoughts on mental hygiene, spiritual discipline, and finding deep emotional fulfilment. As a member of the education, care, and training body at ISKCON Chowpatty, he serves the congregation, brahmacharis (monks), and counsels a satellite community of 150 members at Borivali-Kandivalli, in Mumbai. His lucid and simple writing connect to the audience from all walks of life; his main strength being the ability to harmonize wisdom from the Vedic era to enhance our modern lives. He often says, "The principles of life are simple and same everywhere: just apply even a little, and see a big difference."

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