In This Life Or The Next

Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789388424257
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2019
-Author: Menaka Ramakrishnan
-Product Code: VPG19280


Tania Seth has a rare gift. Whenever someone sings or hums their favorite song, she is able to see a vision of that person’s past life. On the metro one day, when an anonymous man hums a tune, she witnesses the tragic events of his previous birth on a mysterious island.

In that life, the man’s lover was murdered. In the current life, he seeks revenge.
She didn’t see the man’s face on the metro and knows nothing about him. But she is sure about one thing – she has to stop him from committing a horrendous crime.

As she tries to search for him, demons from her own painful past come back to haunt her and she discovers that nothing is really as it seems. Will she be able to find him before it’s too late?

SKU: VPG19280
Menaka Ramakrishnan is a seeker since birth and a writer by passion. She owns a content writing business in Dubai and has a BBA degree from the SP Jain School of Global Management, Australia. During her free time, you will find her performing acoustic tunes with her ukulele, or collecting mementos from across the globe. In This Life or the Next is her debut novel.

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