LOVE Under Siege

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2022
-Author: Mehul Darooka
-Product Code: VPG20274


Manish, a 28-year-old young Punjabi boy is suffering from Agnosia (A kind of memory loss) and is therefore a victim of forgetting things often in his life. Manish enrolls himself in a Management college in Hyderabad where he meets Shruti, a vivacious and beautiful girl. Manish falls in love with Shruti and with time, their love grows to new boundaries and their strong bond and aspirations makes them land in the same company called Excel Technologies run by Mr. Dayal. Soon they find themselves in Dubai working on a 1000 Million USD dream Project with the CSO Gupta. To their utter astonishment, they discover that Gupta is cheating Excel with its dream project. They learn that Gupta has had some mysterious dealing to sabotage the Project. One day there is a rude shock for Shruti who discovers that she is all by herself in Dubai fending for the situation as Manish mysteriously disappears. She is all devastated and lonely in an unknown and unguarded place. Will Shruti be able to find Manish? Will they be able to save the 1000 Million USD deal of Excel Technologies? And with all this chaos, will they ever get back to their love of being with each other? Find out in this roller coaster love journey of Manish and Shruti.

SKU: VPG20274
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"Mehul Darooka has been in the line of Branding, Marketing, Sales, Training, Customer Relations for 14 years. He has been a trainer of soft skills with corporate companies and has taken up various consultancy assignments as well. Vikas Kumar is a serial entrepreneur and has been working with the startup ecosystem for over 15 years. He is a co-founder of Brainvisa Technologies, which he sold to a KPO based out of Bangalore."
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