Prime Time Crime

– Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789386455529
– Language: English
-Publication Year: 2018
-Author: Vrushali Telang
-Product Code: VPG18193


Within a month of joining City -news, Ritka an intern manages to get an exclusive TV interview with sophisticated gangster A.T the recent crime sensation. During the interview Ritika and A.T find themselves getting attracted to one another. Soon they share a torrid chemistry and find it difficult to stay away from each other. Does A.T love Ritika, or is he using her as a pawn for a dangerous plot? Did he manipulate circumstances so that only she could get through to him? Does Ritika love A.T or is she playing along in order to get leads for investigative crime stories? Is she out to catapult her career from an unknown intern with a local network to being a star reporter with a national news channel? Set against the backdrop of Mumbai underworld in1999, PRIME TIME CRIME is a story about a relationship that is ruthless, passionate and manipulative. A story that stinks of lies, deceit and death Did they ever, even if it was for a moment truly love each other? Are relationships as honest as we’d like them to be? In the unholy nexus of mafia and news media, who can you trust? With vibrant characters, razor sharp plot that moves at breakneck speed, PRIME TIME CRIME is an overpowering love story that will hunt you for long…

SKU: VPG18193
Vrushali Telang has worked in the television industry for ten years moving from news Reporting to writing, directing and producing shows, for the last couple of years, She has been working as an independent screen writer and has worked with well-known Indian filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. This is her first novel.

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