Unlock the Real You

– Binding: Paperback
– ISBN13: 9789386455215
– Language: English
– Publication Year: 2017
– Author: Nim Gholkar
– Product Code: VPG17166


What if hidden somewhere in the life you’ve lived so far, lie keys to unlock all the answers you’ve been seeking?
What if your own life experiences helped you uncover powerful strategies to get ahead personally and professionally?
‘Unlock the real you’ will gently immerse you in a voyage of self-discovery. Packed with handy tips, humorous anecdotes, and poignant insights, it will help you pinpoint the precise magic moments when life offered you valuable lessons you may have missed.
Through-provoking questions at the end of each chapter are the key turns in the lock to your life. As you begin understanding the hidden message tucked within seemingly ordinary, everyday situations, the book will guide you, through practical strategies, on how to apply those lessons in day-to-day life.
Unlock the real you will help you banish limitation that have been holding you back in your personal life and relationship as well as your career. It’s time to sparkle in every area of your life and become the success you deserve to be.

SKU: VPG17166
Nim Gholkar is a success coach, Author and international speaker based in Sydney, Australia. Hers is quintessential migrant achievements story. Working her way up through different corporate roles while raising a family, Nim's successful navigation of challenges became the cornerstone of her popular empowerment programme. As a success coach, Nim works individuals and corporate clients on tailored action plans and results-based strategies to acquire that winning edge. An engaging speaker, she presents on wide range of topics in Australia and internationally. Nis is the author of 'Diary of an Immigrant Bride' (India ed.2014), translated and published in Marathi language as ‘mee Anjali’(2017) Unlock the real you is Nim's second book, a work borne out of her passion to help others excel professionally and personally.

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