Why books make the best gifts!
“A book is a gift you can open again, and again, and again!”

Books can be incredibly powerful. They have the ability to suck us in, take us on adventures, and influence the way we think. They can teach us, move us, give us new perspectives, and help shape us. And the most powerful ones change our lives forever.

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Books are the perfect magical presents. The gift of reading is always something special. There are loads of reasons why books make the perfect presents. A few of them are listed below.

1. They are thoughtful presents

Getting someone a book suggests you have thought about their interests and searched for something that would suit them.

2. They are easy to wrap and portable

Books are very easy to wrap and take up very little space. They are portable and easy to carry.

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3. They can last a lifetime.

Books are definitely gifts without expiry dates. One can read them again and again and they can be passed out to others in future.

4. They are quiet

Books barely make any sound and once the reader connects with them even he becomes quiet. The only pleasing sound the books make is the soft comforting sound of turning over of pages.

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5. There is a great variety of books for everyone

Buying books for people who love reading can be pretty easy since there are so many great books out there to be discovered, you’re spoiled for choice! For those who like trying out new recipes, you can gift a cookbook, for those who like travelling, give an atlas, the possibilities go on and on.

6. They don’t break the bank accounts

These treasures filled with knowledge are available at reasonable prices and are the best investments.

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7. Any age or gender will do

From the wee ones to the seniors, there’s a book for any age, male or female.

8. Books are the ideal way to escape

Whether a tall adventure, a biography to the past, a laugh until the reader is almost incontinent, books deliver a new world … “a time out and away.”

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Any book lover can tell you: diving into a great novel is an immersive experience that makes your mind come alive with imagination and emotions and turns on the senses. In reading, we can actually physically change our mind, become more empathetic, and even trick our brains into thinking we’ve experienced what we’ve only read in novels.

5 things that happen to our minds when we read

We make photos in our minds.

Reading books and other materials with vivid imagery is not only fun, it also allows us to create worlds in our own minds.

2. Reading about the experiences is almost the same as living it

When we read, the brain does not make a distinction between reading about an experience and actually living it. Whether reading or experiencing it, the same neurological regions are stimulated. Novels are able to enter into our thoughts and feelings.

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3. Different styles of reading create different patterns in our brain

Pleasure reading increases the blood flow to different areas of the brain. Reading a novel closely for literary study and thinking about its value is an effective brain exercise, more effective than simple pleasure reading alone.

4. Story structure encourages our brains to think in sequence, expanding our attention spans:

Stories have a beginning, middle, and end, and that’s a good thing for your brain. With this structure, our brains are encouraged to think in sequence, linking cause and effect. The more you read, the more your brain is able to adapt to this line of thinking.

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5. Deep reading makes us more empathetic:

It feels great to lose yourself in a book, and doing so can even physically change your brain. As we let go of the emotional and mental chatter found in the real world, we enjoy deep reading that allows us to feel what the characters in a story feel. And this in turn makes us more empathetic to people in real life, becoming more aware and alert to the lives of others.

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