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Vishwakarma Publications, proud to be one of the most efficient and fast paced publishers in India, is settled in the heart of Pune.

At Vishwakarma Publications, a book is a source of wonder, imagination, knowledge and hope. Right from getting that raw manuscript in our hands to feeling the touch of a freshly printed book, our staff pours their heart, hard work and soul into each story, every dream.

Founded in 2013 with an aim to provide a platform to budding writers and established authors in Marathi, Hindi and English languages, we hope to widen and enrich the readers ‘ community with our heart-touching collection of books from several genres and infect other with joyous habit of reading through our book clubs, festivals and literature.

Our vision is to publish across categories, genres, languages and borders with equal attention to the book and its author. Our ever-growing distribution network has enabled to make our authors’ books available in multiple countries.

We achieve this by giving equal importance to our author as we do to our reader. The author is aided every step of the way by our commissioning and assistant editor, our copy-editors and book cover designers. Finally, our Publisher is the one who personally overlooks the making of each book with utmost care and detail.


Our Mission

  1. To publish qualified contemporary authors in the fastest time possible without- compromising on quality of work.
  2. To us, our authors, our staff and our readers are a family and we treat them as such.
  3. We believe a read encompasses not just the story, but the feel and touch of the page, the beautiful ornamentation of words and hence we use the best suitable quality of paper and packaging for all our books.
  4. We believe every city, state and country breathes through its culture. Our dream is to widen the readers’ community throughout the nation. Hence, we have organised a Vishwakarma Publications book club and we sponsor our city’s literary festival.

Vishwakarma Publications was the official Title sponsor of the Pune International Literary Festival.

Vishwakarma Publications is a sister company to the Vishwakarma Institutes.