Between U & Me

– Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789386455628
– Language: English
-Publication Year: 2018
-Author: Aparna Sharma
-Product Code: VPG18196


What could be common between a school teacher who believes in ‘simple living, high thinking’, an author whose every book is a confirmed bestseller, a renowned initiator of the HRD movement in India, an innovative educationist, a top-notch hairdresser, a professor of ‘History’ who insists on knowledge of ‘Geography’ and a convent-educated renunciate? These and a few others are ‘ordinary’ people, who, through their determination, positivity and hard work, have cheerfully overcome the hardships and challenges they came across, have emerged victorious and have gone on to create their own unique place in their respective fields. “Why should inspiration be drawn only from the rich and famous?” asks Aparna Sharma, the bestselling author of ‘Reality Bytes – The Role of HR in Today’s World’. An HR professional with a difference, Aparna is attracted to the positivity, ‘can do’ and ‘never-say-die’ attitudes in everyone she meets. ‘Between U & Me’ brings out the ‘extraordinary’ lessons from the lives of these 14 ‘ordinary’ people who have inspired Aparna in her journey and continue to do so. An exceptional book that will make a difference to YOUR life! Take a plunge and get inspired!

SKU: VPG18196

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