-Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789388424622
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2019
-Author: Rajesh Konsam
-Product Code: VPG19104


“Your time will arrive. And when it does, nature will make up for everything it has kept you away from.”

Roshan is a songwriter by day and a fashion store assistant by night who offsets his average vocals with good lyrics often drawing inspiration from the worst heartbreaks of his life. Jilted by the love of his life and still reeling from past failures, he struggles to tap into his full potential. His story is rewritten when he meets Shanaya, a feisty girl, whose love and acceptance bolster his confidence. Roshan and Shanaya are drawn together by their shared flair for creativity. But as Roshan makes progress, he discovers a harrowing truth about his past. Will he burst out of his bubble and step into the spotlight? Will he trade authenticity for righteousness? Should he follow his heart or succumb to exploitation? Equally romantic and inspiring, ‘Bittersweet’ is an emotionally-charged novel about a young man who finds his true calling in a world that otherwise seeks a compromise.

SKU: VPG19104
Rajesh Konsam is a young software engineer and writer. A geek at heart, he loves programming and feel-good novels in equal measure. When not writing poems, he ticks travel destinations off his bucket list. Although Rajesh hails from Manipur, he works in Chennai after completing his B.E. in Coimbatore. Bittersweet is Rajesh’s debut novel, and he is working on his next. Rajesh tweets as @RajeshKonsam, runs a feed on Instagram as @rajeshkonsam, and responds well to feedback at More at

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