Humorously Yours : Tales From The Gymkhana

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2020
-Author:  Amitabh D Sarwate
-Product Code: VPG2084


PG Wodehouse meets India

A mistake of elephantine proportions! An arranged marriage mission with an unpredictable twist! A tennis legend to the rescue! Moo shades of characters trapped in a city square! An overweight genius makes a big splash! A royal clash between two false kings! A screwup that leads to the biggest career break!
Enter the world of Barkhurdar, the garrulous raconteur of a legendary sports club, based in the heart of the burgeoning Indian city. Let his narration of real-life stories take you to a world where mischief, mistakes, and mirth abound in comic glory! Grab a drink, a plate of your favorite snacks, and relax in your lounge chair!

PG Wodehouse has returned with an Indian curry dish!!

Early praise for ‘Humorously Yours – Tales from the Gymkhana’:

“One of the sweetest and the funniest books that I have read. The old school humor takes you back to the PG Wodehouse universe and era. No pretensions, no fancy forced uber-cool plots and twists, just simple great storytelling that will bring a smile on your face” – Anirban Bhattacharyya, best selling author of the Deadly Dozen

“It is amazing! I especially liked the brilliant plotting of each story and the situational humor” – Jas Kohli, author of Lights, Scalpel, Romance

“Amitabh has done more than enough in this book to make his own mark as an Indian humorist”

“Refreshingly fresh and highly entertaining!”

“Charming yet evocative”

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Amitabh D Sarwate a mechanical engineering from Pune University,completed Master in Business Administration (MBA) from case Western Reserve University at Cleveland (Ohio), USA on scholarship. He has worked with Philips India and Hewlett Packed.

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