In Pursuit of Mi Amor

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2021
-Author: Sujata Parshar
-Product Code: VPG19198


Amar Varma is in his mid-forties, single and lives in Madrid. A successful entrepreneur, Amar has overcome a personal ongoing genetic disorder to become the brains behind the highly successful wellness company, The Sunflower. A man who fiercely guards his privacy, he has not revealed his condition to many people, as the result of a painful betrayal when he was younger. He leads a healthy lifestyle, is popular with women but doesn’t believe in a committed relationship or marriage. Suhana Singh is in her early forties, single and lives in Delhi. The senior professional working with a business consulting agency, Suhana has been battling her personal demons since a young age, when a traumatic childhood fractured her relationship with her mother and led to a series of bad relationships. Amar’s company hires Suhana’s consulting firm for a prestigious project, for which she relocates to Madrid for a year. Unfortunately, it’s dislike at first sight for the two independent-minded people, with strong opinions and preconceived notions about each other obstacles to them getting to know each other—until Suhana accidentally learns about Amar’s health condition while Amar gets a whiff of her troubled past. Can love cure two bitter hearts? The story unfolds as you go In Pursuit of Mi Amor

SKU: VPG19198
Sujata Parashar is a popular Indian novelist, short - story writer and poet. She has written seven books so far including a poetry series and a short - story collection. Sujata holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights. In 2016 she was presented the prestigious Karamaveer Chakra Award instituted by iCongo (instituted with UN) conferred to individuals who bring about positive social impact in the lives of people and planet. ‘The Temple Bar Woman’ is her fourth novel.

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