Jai Honeyman

– Binding : Paperback
– ISBN13 :9789386455291
– Language : English
– Publication Year : 2017
– Author: Raz D
– Product Code: VPG17168


From a drought hit countryside emerges Hanuman, a young man who vows to save his village from farmer suicides. A bizarre offer brings him to the city where the young villager finds himself at the crossroads. So what happens when a helpless Hanuman – a Bajrang Bali devotee, transforms into Honeyman – the ultimate female fantasy? And does Bajrang Bali approve of his new found avatar? Does his nightmare of women going wild and causing a stampede come true? What happens when the staunch bachelor from Ravalgaon finds his true love amidst the confusion and chaos? Does Hanuman succeed in the most ambitious mission of his life; that of saving his village from its colossal debt?
Find the exciting answers in this hilarious roller coaster ride of love, action and triumph that will leave you gasping for more!
All this from an advertising writer turned author, who always wanted to explore a world beyond selling soaps and tampons. After a little more than two decades of seducing vulnerable minds with charming prose, the author decided to toy with the art of real storytelling. Blame it on guilt or plain fatigue, this creative deviation from copywriter to storyteller is a blessing in disguise for all those who love a good story.

SKU: VPG17168
It was in his early childhood that Raz D had first heard about how the magical merits of a pen, could dwarf the mighty reputation of the sword. So while others were busy collecting the usual teenage souvenirs, the boy started gathering words. He perhaps knew that one day words were what would rescue him. Born in a Mumbai middle class family, Raz D was the eldest of two brothers and his first wake up call came when he lost his father early in life. His mother, being a strong and resourceful woman like most single mothers, managed to raise two school going sons. Now as a worldly wise advertising writer, Raz D continues to discover the magical merits of the pen. A compelling storyteller, he is certainly an author to write home about.

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