कथा पांडुरंगा

– Binding : Paperback
– ISBN13 : 9789383572793
– Language : Marathi
– Publication Year : 2015
– Author: Dr. Bharat Bhushan
– Product Code: VP15038


<h3>कथा पांडुरंगा</h3>

During this month of devotion and surrender to Lord Vitthala, we are proud to be bringing out Katha Panduranga by Bharat Bhushan. For over five centuries, the “Vithoba” of “Pandharpur” has remained the object of devotion of the people of central India in general and of the Deccan in particular. Vithoba has remained one of the central elements of the culture of Maharashtra. The love and the devotion of people towards this beloved deity is experienced in its utmost divine purity during the annual “Vari”, a walk of over a million people from Alandi-Dehu to Pandharpur. “Katha Panduranga” is a collection of stories describing some very special pilgrims, this book brings the Vari into your home and heart with its simplicity. The narrative is spiritually satisfying, and stays true to the landscape and legacy of the yatra.

Bharat Bhushan is a biologist, birdwatcher, teacher, trainer who can be described as a lifelong eclectical and serendipitous vagrant in knowledge systems and within the mind. Presently Professor, Environmental Planning at YASHADA, he has a Masters and Doctorate in Field Ornithology from the Bombay Natural History Society, University of Mumbai. He rediscovered the Jerdon's or Double-banded Courser, a scrubland bird in the Eastern Ghats, nearly 86 years after its earlier record. A keen student about ancient knowledge systems and sciences of the Indian Subcontinent, Bharat Bhushan continually explores the convergence of contemporary science with the ancient spiritual stories, myths, folklore and renditions about the people and traditions of South Asia. Several popular blogs and social networking group pages disseminate his writings and essays about ancient knowledge. His recent book Katha Panduranga a Vishwakarma Publications title in Marathi, journeys within the minds of devotees and explores the sharp edge of bhakti. Bharat Bhushan lives and works in Pune.

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