-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2016
-Author: Manjiri Gokhale Joshi
-Product Code: VPG16085


As an awkward adolescent growing up in a modest Delhi home, Maya yearns for an upper class lifestyle and an ‘ideal marital relationship’. Throwing away a promising career, she is willing to go any lengths to further her husband’s. She struggles to break free off the decidedly ‘middle class’ lifestyle of a grimy bus commute to support the family income, totting up restaurant bills and checking prices of consumer goods. According to Maya’s notions of social division, upper class women do not work for other people, they only run companies they inherit or set up boutiques selling over-priced ware. They appear painted, unruffled at all times and breeze in with sleek, tiny clutch bags unlike the bulging, practical shoulder bags of the middle class working woman. Years later, as a socialite CEO’s wife and art patron ensconced in her sprawling home, Maya truly believes she has achieved all that she ever wanted.until, life throws a rude shock.

SKU: VPG16085
Since 2009, Manjiri has been running & charity maya CARE,offering free assistance to senior citizen in India ( A training and management specialist based in the UK, manjiri has a master's degree in Mega-Project management from said Business School,University of Oxford. She and her husband Abhay Joshi founded Elephant Connect assisting businesses, charities, governments and students achieve their goals through training, project consultancy and tutoring. manjiri was one of 12 professional experts selected among 13,000 applicants by LinkedIn and Virgin Media to judge, train and mentor entrepreneurs pitching for a 1 million fund from Sir Richard Branson.

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