Men-Women, Mars-Venus & All that B***s***


-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2021
-Author: Rashmi
-Product Code: VPG19210

Men Women Mars Venus & All That B***s***

Do men and women really belong to Mars and Venus? Or is it time that they abandon those planets and land where they truly belong….mother earth? Have we as a human race botched up the real man and the real woman in the whirlwind of conditioning? A woman in battle and a man in a nurturing role, how different are they? How did our primates handle these differences, or is there any difference at all?


Hundreds of such questions have plagued the human kind and have remained an enigma ever since. Don’t just find answers to these questions in this book but open yourself to a whole new world of radically different perspectives on the battle of the sexes – WHICH SEEM SO DIFFERENT AND YET SO RIGHT.

SKU: VPG19210

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