-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2018
-Author: Jaya Lahiri-Mukherjee
-Product Code: VPG18251


In Pune, Supriya Choudhury, an apparently popular young woman, is poisoned to death while her husband is on a long business trip in the US. Enter Ravi Kumar, ACP (Crime) in the Maharashtra Police and a friend of Supriya’s attending physician. Kumar and his team start investigating undercover and unearth a can of worms. A previous possible murder in Dehradun. Another suspicious previous death in Dhanachuli. An organic chemist-turned-homemaker working undercover on a secret project. And, finally, apparently deep-rooted tensions with a neighbour. Are these linked to Supriya’s murder? Or, not? For Kumar, they probably are. As he investigates, they all add up to a gossamer-thin, almost invisible web stretched out tight. Yet, not secure enough to stop him from blowing the web away and bring it down – on the spider, itself!

SKU: VPG18235
Jaya Lahiri-Mukherjee's interest in crime fiction, started with mystery books by Enid Blyton at a very young age, was heightened by dinner-table conversations about the criminal psyche with legal personalities in her family and social circle. A Ph.D. in Microbiology, Virology & Immunology from Oregon Health Sciences University (USA) peaked her curiosity into analysing non-violent homicides. Born and bred in Kolkata, Jaya was educated at Loreto House (Middleton Row), Presidency College and University of Calcutta (Ballygunge). Returning to India after her studies abroad, she has worked at National Institute of Immunology (New Delhi) and TIFR (Mumbai) before turning to full-time motherhood. During the 25-odd years as a home-maker, Jaya has been a freelance journalist for English newspapers in Pune, Oman and Minnesota (USA), a computer graphics animator, and CAD designer and instructor in Pune and Oman.

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