The Abandoned Daughter

-Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789388424738
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2019
-Author: Hyma Goparaju 
-Product Code: VPG19136


It is the year of 1871. The first-ever census has commenced in the subcontinent of India. It throws up a puzzlingly statistic of young girls in a province. A newly appointed officer of British India and his upright Indian clerk set out to rectify the error of omission in the enumeration. They encounter a fiercely patriarchal and wily village head who is on a mission to thwart their investigation. will she succeed in misdirecting their inquiry? Or, would her heinous doing, masked for long, emerge from graves?

SKU: VPG19136
Hyma Goparaju is an entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in business management. Storytelling delights her, art forms interest her and engaging conversations to hold her. writing is a cathartic release turned into a passion she frequently likes to immerse herself in. The Abandoned Daughter is her second work of fiction.

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