Watch Your Back ! – Simple Tips To Prevent Back Pain

-Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789388424424
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2019
-Author: Dr.shantanu Sharma
-Product Code: VPG19278


Do you have back pain?

Do you know someone who has back pain?

Did you know that 4 out of 5 people in the world have back problems?

And the structure and function of the back is so complex that a sure shot treatment for back pain does not exist. So isn’t it better to be able to prevent this problem and know how to treat yourself?

How high should your seat be at the office?

How far should the laptop screen be?

What is the ideal sitting posture?

What should be your exercise forms at the gym?

There are many questions related to your back health which deserve to be answered for you to live healthier and fitter.

This book tries to answer these questions and more like these using everyday examples from different occupations and lifestyles. Looking at your entire daily routine and taking real-life examples from different occupations, this book explains in detail how to sit-not just at work but at home, how to stand correctly and what are the correct ways to do exercises. Whether you are an IT professional, work in an office, homemaker, school teacher, air hostess or a school goer-back pain can affect you and people around you. The best treatment is prevention and knowing what you can do avoid this problem altogether.

With rising numbers of people suffering from back pain and increasing costs of healthcare, this book is almost a necessity for everyone, whether they have back pain or not.

SKU: VPG19278
Dr. Shantanu Sharma, a Physiotherapist by profession has been working in the healthcare and wellness arena since the last 9 years. He has done his schooling from Delhi Public School, Mathura Road and his post-graduation in Sports Physiotherapy from Delhi. After learning extensively about the spine and treating many patients with back and neck pain over the last 9 years, he realized that prevention of back problems is much simpler than treatment. He now works to help people in avoiding lifestyle diseases related to poor posture and fitness. This book is one such effort in trying to help people who either have or want to avoid this recurrent problem of back pain. This is his second book after the much-acclaimed romantic thriller "No Matter Where You Are" which he published last year and got much appreciation.

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