Water Govenance & Economics


-Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789388424240
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2019
-Author: Dr. Mangesh Kashyap
-Product Code: VPG1987

Water is referred to as Jeevan or Life in India.

Multiple ancient civilizations of India history and mythology flourished on Indian river banks and when they dried up, civilizations too vanished. Lately, due to a major population explosion, the availability of water has been dwindling.

India is now termed a water-stressed nation.’ Phenomena like days of heavy rainfall. Farmers are drought struck causing severe distress among the community urban cities are sprawling causing increased dependence on groundwater resources. Recycling and reusing water has never been more important. Dr. Kashyap’s Book is timely, illuminating and will act as a guiding light for policymakers who will decide the course of water for the time comes.

SKU: VPG1987

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