योग्य नोकरी मिळवताना हमखास यशस्वी मुलाखतीचे तंत्र


– Binding : Paperback
– ISBN13 : 9789383572823
– Language : Marathi
– Publication Year : 2015
– Author: Pratibha Messner
– Product Code: VPG15045

<h3>योग्य नोकरी मिळवताना</h3>

You know you have the right skills, a curious mind, the drive and discipline to make your career goals a reality. And yet, do you find yourself lost in a maze of job portals, social networking, online applications, calls with agents and futile rounds of interviews? That ‘dream job’ does not come easily. At the beginning of your career and unguided by a mentor, the challenges are manifold: getting it right during the phases of application, the interview and the negotiation can be tricky. Relevant both for entry-level jobseekers and those planning a change, Winning the Right Job – A Blueprint to Acing the Interview shows you how to approach a potential employer and answer questions on attitudes, life skills, ambitions and expectations. The book guides you through the interviewing and negotiating days, helps you decide whether the role on offer is right for youand provides tips on making a gracious exit from your current and a powerful entry to the new organization.

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