From Son to Stranger

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2020
-Author: Ritu Lalit
-Product Code: VPG19179


FROM SON TO STRANGER is for parents who are estranged from their children for whatever reason and there is little or no hope for reconciliation. Parents often think after their children are grown; they are “entitled” to a relationship with them. There is no such entitlement. After estrangement parents are left with guilt, pain and the realization that if there is reconciliation, there will be boundaries and it will be difficult to trust.This book offers simple tools to accept, heal and work with the pain and set new personal goals for the parent dealing with estrangement.

SKU: VPG19179
Ritu Lalit has written five fiction books. The most well-known of her fiction books Wrong for the Right Reasons deals with the realistic theme of the life of a single mother raising her kids in today’s India. For her first non-fiction she has again picked up a burning topic, of aged parents coping with being rejected by their adult children. A graduate with gold medal in English Literature and a postgraduate in English Literature from Delhi University she is a prolific writer whose short stories have been featured in the NCERT curriculum and in anthologies. She has also won many blogging awards.

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