No Holy Cows In Business…9 Principle of Entrepreneurship


– Binding : Paperback
– ISBN13 : 9789383572205
– Language : English
– Publication Year : 2014
– Author: Kiran Bhat
– Product Code: VPG14011

Business is about passion, perseverance and continuously reinventing yourself. This book gives some remarkable examples of great entrepreneurs, who started with nothing but an idea and a passion for developing that idea. The over-riding theme behind a successful business and an entrepreneur is their love for venturing into the unknown, constantly innovating and cashing in on opportunities very quickly. I found the book very inspiring especially since some of the names mentioned like Strand Book Stall (and its owner Mr Shanbhag) are a must for anyone fond of reading and visiting Mumbai. A must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs and people who constantly hesitate on the right time to take the plunge to set up a business.
– Rakesh Makhija, President
– SKF Industrial Market, Strategic Industries, AB SKF, Sweden

This book is for those who would like to keep their fate(future) safe in their fists. As you start reading you are met with the people who have successfully converted their dreams into reality. The journey towards entrepreneurship is made simple reading these experiences and the solutions suggested. Do not forget, 40% revenue of India is generated by small entrepreneurs. Be one of them – Seshan and Bhat will help you.
– S. V. Joshi,
Founder Chairman, Nichrome India Ltd.

No Holy Cows is a book designed specifically to guide new entrepreneurs in their journey to creating a successful enterprise. In the book, the authors – Kiran Bhat & Sekhar Seshan divide the entire process into 9 principles and use interviews with well-known entrepreneurs. Thus the book emphasizes practical knowledge with respect to lessons learnt by risk-takers and the tricks of the trade in the business world. The book also contains case studies which clarify various business options and how to handle everyday situations. The book is bound to provide insight and inspiration to entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs alike.


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