-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2021
-Author: Abhimanyu
-Product Code:VPG19246


SAAT is a collection of 7 short stories. Stories that dance on the thin line between reality and fantasy. Stories that will leave a strange taste in your mouth. Strange taste with question mark as one of the flavours. 1. What if you could go back in time, but you only had 2 minutes? What would you do? 2. What if a pigeon could resolve the Kashmir issue? 3. What if you needed blood on your hands to write a best seller? 4. What if your sibling took everything you liked; your toys, your food, your lover? 5. What if in 2040 dreams come true and the truth, is nothing but a dream? 6. What if your life was a poem? Will it be a happy one? 7. What if there was such a thing as the perfect breakup?

SKU: VPG19246
Born in winters of Jammu City in a multigenerational Police family Abhimanyu never had the luxury to say I always wanted to be a writer. You’ll often hear him say I didn’t choose writing. Writing chose me. Reluctant to stick to one genre, Abhimanyu has developed a writing style that he likes to call Provocative Literary Fiction or PLF. Conflict, chaos and hope within ourselves and around us are the main drivers of Abhimanyu’s stories. TalkSick: A writer’s talking blog is where Abhimanyu shares his thoughts on life passing through his eyes, on writing and sometimes poetry. TalkSick can be listened to on Spotify app. The Blog’s written format can be found on his website

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