Digital Nervous Breakdown

– Binding : Paperback
– ISBN13 : 9789385665509
– Language : English
– Publication Year : 2016
– Author: Hemant R. Joshi
– Product Code: VPG16098


Jal is a modern-day It engineer who invests a lot of his time In cyber security. As a part of the process, he builds his own viruses to test systems at his company. It so happens that he creates a virus which he feels could destroy some of the biggest database systems. He inanely limits his scope to the governmental databases, thinking that it would be the highest his contrivance could reach. But despite having a tool capable of mass destruction at the tip of his fingers, he does not intend to harm anyone.
So he meets Mr Shukla, a top bureaucrat in the Indian government who doesn’t delay In negating Jai’s claims. But with time, as he discovers that he was wrong, Shukla and Jal are led on a Journey to a heavenly place that they could never have imagined about. It turns out to be a quest to keep the masters of the earth- the databases alive. Will they be able to hold the systems against the attack?

SKU: VPG16098
"Hemant is a tech-enthusiast who is studying Information Management at the University of Washington, Seattle. Combining the passion for technology and writing, he wrote Digital Nervous Breakdown while finishing up his degree in Computer Engineering. Bringing together real-life characters and bringing fictitious stories to life is what he wants to do with his pen. Hemant blogs at, where he intends to write short stories with a social relevance. You may connect with him on Facebook at Feel free to provide feedback and suggestions about Digital Nervous Breakdown directly to him!"

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