Smart City

– Binding : Paperback
– ISBN13 : 9789383572526
– Language : English
– Publication Year : 2015
– Author: Arun Firodia
– Product Code: VP15034


Arun Firodia’s monograph on urban planning lays out a vision for Smart Cities, putting a much talked about concept into an understandable framework. Pertinently, he focuses on manufacturing cities, the place from where India’s wealth will be generated, and where its people can be employed and their children educated into a new society of highly evolved citizens. The plan for a city hides within its fabric a people’s destiny. It tempers their laughter and it lightens their sorrow. It gifts them pride of place, and it is their lean on eternity! A strong city plan reigns in crass desire, while giving wings to the poetic spirit. It pulls rustic fibers into a tasteful thread from which the finery of history is woven. Within a plan’s fabric there can be no place for compromise, hesitancy or fickle minds. Too much of life’s uncertainty lie in the hands of fate, to toss about in the making of a city! This document lays out many cogent ideas and articulates concepts that must underpin our approaches to “Smart City.”


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