-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2022
-Author: Col. Ashutosh Kale
-Product Code: VPG20263



“Break the chains!” were the cryptic orders of Queen Victoria Empress of India

In December 1867, a force set sail from Bombay, under Lt Gen Sir Robert Napier OBE, to bring to heel the Ethiopian Emperor Twedros and subjugate his Abyssinian Empire. The Abyssinian Campaign, involving the greatest force to sail under the British Empire, led to death, desecration and loot. The looted ancient treasures of Ethiopia ended up in England, in Museums and private collections. The desecration of Churches and loot unleased ancient prophecies and unnatural deaths over the years.

A group of youngsters in London involved in the movement for return of the Ethiopian treasures discover the deaths and the prophecies that have continued to the present day. What starts as an innocent interest, turns into a sinister involvement that threatens to consume them.

Vikram’s great grandfather had taken part in the campaign into Abyssinia. Catherine is the granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, the world famous champion of Ethiopian rights, Aferwork has a blood line connect to the unwed wide of Emperor Twedros II.

One of the Regiments brings back a processional Cross from the Church at Magdala. The Cross has a curse…it lives…

The sons continue to pay for the sins of their fathers. The curse eventually consumes the protagonist as he gets possessed in a horrific ending.

SKU: VPG20263
Col Ashutosh Kale is an ex-Army officer, a best-selling author, a naturalist and a motivational speaker. His writings drawn from his vast experience in the Army and in the United Nations while serving in the Horn of Africa, reflect his exposure to multicultural ethnicity and ideologies. His works have been published in magazines and periodicals. His last novel, The Tryst With Destiny- Abhikrama, a saga of the bravery, patriotism, interspersed with political games based on actual events is poignant and stirring. He lives in Mumbai with his Wife Jayashree and two children Akshata and Jyotiraditya. Ashutosh loves to connect with his readers on
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