The Sun, The Moon and the Love in Between


Azhar Siddiqui is your average not-so-good-looking but pure-at-heart kind of a guy who always believes that his true love is somewhere out there, waiting for him. But call it circumstances or plain old luck, Azhar’s experiences with women always lead to his inevitable heartbreak. After his best friend, Ishaan, breaks his trust, Azhar feels that he has lost it all. Depression and loneliness lead him to social media where he connects with the beautiful Zahra. Without physically meeting up, the two hit it off like they are made for each other but Zahra has a secret, one which Azhar is not aware of, one that has consumed her all her life and has impacted the lives of those around her. What will happen when Azhar comes to know about it? A story of love, friendship and hope, The Sun, The Moon and The Love In Between is an intensely emotional roller-coaster that promises to make you smile, laugh and cry.

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