We Will Be Together Always and other stories

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-ISBN: 978-9393757326
-Publication Year: 2022
-Author: Rita Chhablani
-Product Code: VPG20273


When someone mentions Love, certain relationships come to one’s mind. The lover, the child, the parent, the best friend, the grandchild… But love is all around! All one has to do is keep one’s heart in ‘the explore mode’ Love can happen anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Rita Chhablani has authored 3 books. A regular columnist on yoga and a popular yoga teacher in Delhi, her first book was, “The Joys of Yoga.” It received a review by the late Khushwant Singhji for The Times of India. She has done innumerable readings and been on panels in various public libraries in the US and here in India as well. She has also conducted workshops on the Writing Craft in several colleges. She has had the honour of being interviewed by the reputed newspaper, ‘Chicago Tribune.’ In Pune, ‘Sakal’ termed her as ‘Writer for a Cause.’ Having worked for UNICEF and having taught girls from less privileged households over the years, she would like to continue contributing to society with the power of the written thought.

Rita Chhablani alternates her time between India and Chicago. She has written Lead articles for reputed Indian and International newspapers. A popular yoga teacher, she went on to author her first book The Joys Of Yoga. At the College of Dupage, Chicago while doing creative writing courses, She and her American author friends founded a highly active all women critique group. She is also a dedicated member of a writers Group in Pune. having worked for UNICEF, the cause of education for girls is very dear to her heart. She devotes a lot of time in teaching English to girls from less privileged households.
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