6 Must Read E-Books to Better Your Lockdown


“Some of the best self-help books, and books on leadership published by Vishwakarma are relevant today as they help you cultivate healthy traits that will ensure the lockdown is a productive time for you. Make sure you read the book on posture, as you are likely to need back pain remedies if you binge on social media or digital content. “

A gem is a rock until it is discovered. Sometimes good books follow the same rule. At Vishwakarma Publications, we have been publishing a diverse range of books ranging from books on mythology to fiction, best self-help books, modern poetry, autobiography, and books promising back pain relief. And yet some of the gems have simply escaped notice, and await a reader to realize their true value. Let’s lift the veil off some of them and rediscover 6 gems of Vishwakarma Publications that ought to be read. 

  1. 25 Essentials to Happy Living

The best self-help books are those that don’t preach but gradually encourage you to cultivate a healthy mind and a peaceful soul. Preeti Pathak’s 25 Essentials to Happy Living expertly allows you to cultivate a daily routine that adds positivity and happiness to your life by offering simple and easy to follow tips that can go a long way in changing your attitude and approach towards life. Click on https://amzn.to/2xYAF4G to buy your e-copy. 

  1. Anecdotes of a White Collared slave

Here’s something to tickle your funny bone!

Soul-sucking colleagues, cocky bosses, weird company polices, and quirky work ethics – this story has it all. A journey of every white-collared employee who could never go beyond – “chal startup kholte hai” – this will leave you in splits.
Order your kindle edition now at  https://amzn.to/2K5TftU  

  1. 12 Sutras of LEADERSHIP

A Synopsis of 12 important aspects of leadership which are very essential to grow. Targeted at an audience that can’t understand the mumbo-jumbo of psycho-babble, this is one of the best leadership books on the scene. Easy to read, fun to follow, and easier to implement, watch your journey towards a successful leader.
Order you e-copy from https://amzn.to/2z3vfoZ 

  1. Watch Your Back 

I bet a lot of us are spending your lockdown lazing on the couch watching Netflix, good posture be damned. Don’t be surprised if you start experiencing back pain if you haven’t already felt it by now. Prevention is better than cure. Watch Your Back by Shantanu Sharma demonstrates in an easy-to-follow method to achieve the ideal posture and simple back pain remedies taking cues from everyday life. With the rising numbers of people suffering from back pain, this gem of a book is a must-have, whether or not you have back pain.
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  1. Birds of Ramayana

Are you watching the re-run of the epic Ramayana on Doordarshan? While you are it, look out for the Birds of Ramayana, a unique book by Bharat Bhushan which delves on the role of the birds – Jatayu, Garuda, Smpatai in the epic. As far as books on mythology go, it is one of the most enjoyable.  Click to buy your e-copy at https://amzn.to/2Lka0T1

  1. Where There’s a Will

Billionaire businessman, Mr. Pratap Sharma, manages to conceal a secret of great consequence in his will, merely hours before his mysterious death. The will, written in cryptic verse is incomprehensible to one and all. Enter, detective Pranita Roy, single, talented, and extremely attractive, must uncover the truth before she succumbs to the wiles of a suspect- Rohit Sharma; drop-dead handsome, disarmingly chivalrous, but, potentially dangerous. Is he a link in the puzzle of a mystery by himself? Seven verses. Four suspects. One will. Orchestrated Murder and poetic Justice. Where life isn’t a song, but death is a poem!
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The author of this article, Richa Singh is a content writer with Investronaut.