5 Popular Indian-American Authors: Author’s Day Special

With social and political transformations and societies becoming more progressive than before, Indian American authors have come into the limelight. Their work often gives you a glimpse into an immigrant’s life and realities. These Indian American novelists now stand united in the front to produce intense, insightful, and powerful writing that challenges the stereotypes around […]

Top 5 Popular Marathi Authors from the Literary World

Maharashtra has been the birthplace of many fabled names, like Dnyaneshwar, Kusumagraj and Dadasaheb Phalke, to name a few. Even today, the new-age writers of Marathi literature follow a rich heritage of storytelling. It is evident that the regional storytelling landscape is changing and evolving with the introduction of e-books.  We list our five favorite […]

Top 5 Fictional Romantic Characters from Popular Books

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” – Oscar Wilde  Literature and novels have a certain allure about them. Almost all genres have a huge fan following; however, there is nothing else like classic romance novels and their awe-inspiring portrayals of love. Many […]

Top 5 Books That Have Been Adapted to Popular Movies

Books are often the source of inspiration for filmmakers. Most examples come from Hollywood, be it the Harry Potter series, The Wizard of Oz, Pride & Prejudice or P.S. I Love you, there are some great examples of book-to-movie adaptations. For many, the big question is: What would they choose? Books or movies? This question […]

Top 5 Self-Help Books to beat the Pandemic Anxiety

   It is a human tendency to learn from each other’s wide spectrum of experiences. For many years people have been writing about self-care techniques across different subjects including simple lifestyle changes that can help manage one’s mental, emotional, physical as well as overall financial health. Right from inspiration, tools, and techniques to case studies […]

Top 6 Online Dictionaries for Aspiring Writers.

A writer more often than not is literary, known for having their way with words. But few know that it is a skill-set that is developed over some time. So, when we think of novels, short stories, books, poetry, plays, screenplays, songs, essay, and blogs; know that the ideas/stories need to be converted to written […]

Let’s see what 2021 has in (Book)Store!

As Benedict Cumberbatch rightly puts it, “I can feel infinitely alive curled up on the sofa reading a book.”  This one most definitely applies to all the bookworms amidst the pandemic. Perhaps, what better time to indulge in your book reading than when the world has stood still, and we have so much time for […]