Top 5 Fictional Romantic Characters from Popular Books

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

– Oscar Wilde

 Literature and novels have a certain allure about them. Almost all genres have a huge fan following; however, there is nothing else like classic romance novels and their awe-inspiring portrayals of love. Many famous authors like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Charlotte Brontë have captured the essence of the story so beautifully that some of the characters, even though fictional, still live within us. A diehard romantic would believe in this magic and find solace through these characters.

Here are the top 5 famous fictional romantic characters from popular books, some so historic that their legacy has left an unforgettable mark upon us.

 1.Elizabeth Bennett

In the 1813 novel ‘Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, Elizabeth Bennet is one of the lead protagonists and the second daughter of the Bennett family. She is clever, honest, witty, who wants to marry for love and not money. Pride and Prejudice is her story of how she overcomes all impediments of her erroneous impression and prejudice against Darcy and gradually comes to recognize the nobleness of Darcy’s character. She has her subtle ways of expressing love and a playful spirit that mesmerizes the readers.

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 2. Orlando

Orlando is one of the male leads in William Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It.’ It was first published in the first folio in 1623. Shakespeare loves to delight the readers with his dreamy characterization. Orlando is one such character, especially when we talk about romance. Almost full of clichés in matters of love, whether it was pinning love poems on the trees of the forest of Arden or numerous acts to get close to the love of his life Rosalind. He has a prodigious charm to him and is described as very strong physically, and in his devotion to love, qualities that made Rosalind fall in love with him.

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 3. Oliver Barrett IV

Oliver Barrett IV is the protagonist of Eric Segal’s ‘Love Story.’ This novel was released on Valentine’s Day and is one of the bestselling classics from the ‘70s. Oliver Barrett wants independence from his family’s idea of success. He falls in love with Jennifer instantly, and he will happily give up his right to his family’s money. Oliver Barrett IV made love look so simple, where no status or even ill health could break its sacred vow! He found great peace and harmony in his world with Jeniffer; it was a world that freed him from proving his worth.

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  1. Jane Eyre

If you have read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, you must already be in love with the protagonist character Jane Eyre. She has excellent self-worth, dignity, righteousness, passion, and trust that conquests the strict hierarchies and social norms. One of the most lovable characters falls in love with Rochester and passes every test of time in their journey of love. This character has won many accolades and immense love from readers.

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 5. Noah Calhoun

Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Notebook’ is one of the top-of-the-list romantic books. Noah Calhoun is one of the most favorite characters; he is the heartbeat of ‘Notebook.’ Noah Calhoun is mystical, a poet who connects to very simple things in life. He believes that he and Allie Hamilton are destined to be together even though he is considered too poor to be a good match by Allie’s parents. His story is filled with complexities from the past; however, his character points to everything almost perfect. 

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