8 Famous Literary Quotes That Steal Your Heart
“We bring you some of the most romantic lines in English literature and other famous quotes from literature to delight you.”

Famous quotes from literature produced over the ages resonate with the readers, no matter how often they are quoted. These famous quotes from the literature have a unique knack of appearing in situations and contexts that are far removed from the contexts in which they were originally produced. Their use, however, only points out their popularity and relevance. In this spirit, we sought to compile for you some of the famous English literary quotes, which include a diverse range of subjects from the most romantic lines in English literature to the most ardent declarations of despair.

The Lord of the Rings has stood the test of the time and many of its lines have served as famous English literary quotes. This line has served as a reminder of the need to tread off the well-trodden path and follow the heart as a guide to achieving success. 

If ever a list of 100 best literary quotes is made, this quote by Tolstoy will surely rank high on the list. One of the most romantic lines in English literature, the description of such a tender moment sets the hearts fluttering and yearn for love.

The pressure to be perfect and flawless is a burden that the modern man has to bear, no matter at what juncture of life he is. Steinback’s famous quote reminds one that to be fallible and vulnerable defines a human being, and so to be just good rather than perfect is perfectly acceptable.

Anne Frank who fell victim to hate and cruelty refused to give up on optimism. Her proclamation that people are good at heart, is a beautiful reminder of the need to keep the flame of hope and love in the darkest times of despair. 

One of the most famous literary quotes about love comes from Milan Kundera, who describes two people in such earnest love that merits a place in any list of most romantic lines in English Literature. The lovers isolated from the world find beauty in each other, far from the maddening crowd.

Among the most famous quotes from literature is the beginning of Moby-Dick by Melville. The novel that features a saga of revenge, despair, and destruction has been a favourite of readers all along, and the biblical reference of the son who survived to tell the tale makes it more poignant.

Orwell is credited with the creation of the term ‘Big Brother’ in the dystopian futuristic novel ‘1984’. One of the most famous quotes from literature with its terrifying imagery, the quote is sure to merit a place in the pantheon of 100 best literary quotes from around the world.

Jane Austen who never married wrote the most humorous and touching lines about marriage. This opening quote from Pride and Prejudice has tickled generations of readers since the Bennets came to know Netherfield Hall has been rented by a most desirable bachelor named Mr. Bingley.

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The author of this article, Richa Singh is a content writer with Investronaut.