8 Tips on How to Develop Your Reading Habit

 “We all know reading books is a healthy hobby to cultivate. But how to start reading books if you are not an innate book lover? And read books not just as a chore or discipline but enjoy it enough to start reading for pleasure. Read the article to find out.”

Do you fancy the idea of being curled up on a cozy couch, reading for pleasure, for hours? But are you one of those people who get a headache before finishing the first page? This article gives you simple tips on how to develop a reading habit?

Benefits of Reading

Some people fear reading, thinking it is meant for intellectuals. Let me tell you it is not so. The numerous benefits that reading yields are compelling enough for everyone to develops a reading habit. It is a hobby worth investing in since reading is not just an important professional skill, it is a gateway to great works of literature that enrich your life. It is a lifelong source of enjoyment and entertainment and makes you realize that there are many realities, cultures, and ways of being. Reading gives us insights that will take us otherwise years to grasp. Love for reading and books is as cultivated as it is innate. For those of us who are not born with a penchant for reading, developing reading habits requires a sustained effort.

Here are some simple tips on how to develop your reading habit if you are new to the world of books.

1. How to Start Reading Books?

So, how to start reading books? Consider your hobbies and interests. For one don’t start by reading a book that you are ‘supposed’ to read. Start with the one that genuinely catches your attention. A historical drama, a cozy love story, science fiction, autobiography, poetry, identify the one that you enjoy the most. Find fun and compelling books that will keep you going till the very end.

2. Start with Books That are Easy to Comprehend

If you start by reading a book that makes you want to check a dictionary every two minutes, your brain will get tired and find excuses to not read further. Therefore, start by reading books that are easy to understand, and the ones that you can realistically finish. One doesn’t have to read masterpieces initially. They can be reserved for when you become a seasoned reader. You can begin by reading Spectre of Choor Dhar – Tales from the Mountains by Any Shukla or an easy breezy read – The Reluctant Debutante by Vibha Batra. Where there’s a Will by Piorre Hart makes an engaging read for people new readers. Vishwakarma Publications has a range of other titles for new readers. Explore them at Vishwakarma Publications

3. Start Small

It doesn’t matter whether you read a lot or a little as long as you read. So, always carry a book with you and sneak in a little reading time during your metro ride, coffee breaks, while waiting at a doctor’s clinic, or waiting for a friend. Make sure you have a book with you at all times.

4. Reduce Your Screen Time

‘Netflix and chill’ is the new weekend normal these days. Giving that up may be difficult for some of you. But if you want to read more, cut down on internet consumption and create more reading space in your day. Little adjustments can create hours of quality reading time.

5. Don’t Force Yourself to Finish a Book

If you find a book boring, it’s alright to give it up. Try reading the next one till you find one that hooks you. There is no reason to feel guilty about it. Remember you are not a seasoned reader yet, you are just developing your reading habit.

6. Choose Shorter Books

Initially when you are just learning how to read books and your aim is to develop your reading habit, pick shorter books. Leave the fat ones for later. Finishing a book from cover to cover acts is satisfying and acts as a great motivation to start the new one.

7. Connect with Other Readers

Reading can be a social activity. Connect with other readers through a book club or informal reading circles. Together you can plan visits to book fairs or second-hand book stores to find interesting hidden gems.

8. Reading For Pleasure

Make your reading time your favorite time of the day. Find a comfortable spot on your balcony or a cozy corner in your house, and pour yourself a good cup of tea or coffee. Soon you will start enjoying the routine and find yourself making excuses to stay at home and read.

Remember you are trying to learn how to read books and developing your reading habit so, be patient. Reading is a pleasurable activity, and it should feel like that. You should be looking forward to it, it shouldn’t feel like you are taking medicine. The more you read, the more it grows till one day it becomes second nature.

The author of this article, Richa Singh is a content writer with Investronaut.