One thing that stays with you after reading Preeti Pathak’s book is that there is more to life than mere routine grind. She should know for she has donned several hats in her life. From a marketing professional to being a housewife, mother and now a full time author, life has come full circle for Preeti Pathak, the author of ‘Enrich Life’ and ’25 Essentials To Happy Living’. On the eve of the launch of her new book ‘ Enrich Life’. I caught up with her to figure out her personal journey of turning an author, the influence of her Guru on her life and work and her new book. Here is an excerpt from the interview –

1. How and why does  a marketing professional turn into an author?

Life is a journey with work always in progress. As my life shifted gears through different stages, guided intuitively I choose to give 100% and enjoy each phase had to offer. I took a long sabbatical from my corporate role as a marketing professional and adorned the hat of a home maker and a mother. I have always been inspired to write in non-fiction and wellness genre. As a young adult I was keen to write articles that would help people.

My long sabbatical break and being in tune with my spiritual Guru Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda helped me reconnect with my passion for writing and this time with a bigger purpose – to help people harmonize and fill their lives with happiness through my books.

2. You speak about being influenced by Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda. Walk us through his philosophy and it’s impact on you.

From my early days as a youth I always believed life is beautiful. Not life but our attitude towards life, people and situation is complex. In my growing years from a youth to an adult I always felt life was enriched and complete but at the same time I believed there is more than what is obvious. A deep curiosity and all the why’s my intellect self had, started getting answered when I took discipleship of my Guru Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda. The philosophy of self-realization is a science- a study of body, mind and soul. It brings to our awareness the relation of our physical body, with own thoughts, emotional & mental state and their impact on our existence.

3. In the chapter on Self- Indulgence, you talk about tapping into ones inner strength, willpower and determination. How does this determine the connection with inner knowledge? How exactly do you define inner knowledge?

Enrich Life is a journey to self- discovery. Extremities of any activity or work leads to disharmony of own physical, mental and emotional state of mind. I believe, empowering the self is possible only by the self. Selfindulgence brings to light the need of the hour in today’s dynamic and challenging times. A father will ensure that his family is happy and is taken care of at all times. He tends to ignore or suppress his own interest or desire. Anxiety and frustration leads to anger and health alignments. For a happy self it is imperative to be mindful and indulge in what makes you happy. Determination and inner knowledge – knowledge/awareness of own interest, desire and passion is essential.

4. The concept of numbered rules to self-awareness is an old concept. The popularity of ’40 Rules of Love” is a classic example. Where does your book differ from such literature that promises self-awareness. In other words what’s the USP of your book?

It is an honor to see Enrich Life placed in the league with “40 Rules of Love.” The self is an integral part of being. With a willing state of mind we can achieve all that what seems difficult. Our own self can help us progress in life. Awareness, Acceptance, Action-plan and Ameliorate is the philosophy of Enrich Life. Sequel to 25 Essentials to Happy Living which turns the torch light within to introspect own behavior, attitudes and emotions, Enrich Life with its powerful beam; through a 20 day magical journey will take all readers to uplift and harmonize life by practice of introspection, tips and affirmation.

5. In the first chapter you speak about the free will and the realization of free will. Yet a lot of debate in philosophy especially existentialist philosophy  points out the fallacies of free will. How do you perceive this conflict between this intense self-realization and the consequent realization of the limits of the self and the infinite freedom promised by free will?

In my opinion free will is the freedom or the willingness to do something by choice. Free will, willingness and ego are important aspect of the self which, either helps us progress and evolve or trap us in the web of multi layered fallacies and misunderstandings. On my path of self-realization I have learnt that it is the tight grip of the  ego that traps us in the web of delusion. It does not allow us to get close to  realizing the self ; a simple and beautiful journey of discovery. When free from egoistic attitude and ego influenced attachments we can expand our horizon by use of free will to be happy and healed holistically. Freedom from ego is the freedom of our all limiting thoughts. Will is the power of the self to do or not to do something at own discretion. It is only when we attune our will with the will of our Higher Self; the omnipresent do we understand the expansiveness of the All and how it can bless us with a contend and beatific life.    

6. How does your corporate experience helps in conceiving the 20 steps to self-awareness that constitute your book?

Whether you work in a corporate or not, every person is caught in a web of oscillating emotions and reactions. For a happy, balanced and stress free life every person has to make a conscious effort to get rid of captivating behavior pattern and limiting thoughts. Every experience, every situation in life  and every phase helps transcend and progress if we observe them closely and are aware. Nurturing myself and not being harsh has helped me understand the science of self-awareness. Being mindful of own feelings, self-confidence self-respect, focus, practicing ‘me time’ regularly, knowledge, introspection, modesty always leads to success at personal and professional level

7. How was your experience of publishing with Vishwakarma Publications?

My association with Vishwakarma Publications is since 2017  when my debut book, “25 Essentials To Happy Living” – nominee of REC – Vow Book Awards 2019 was published, through my literary agent Mr. Suhail Mathur, The Book Bakers. The entire team is diligent, cooperative, responsible and very supportive in every possible way across all departments. ‘Enrich Life’ book cover also has been designed by The Book Bakers. 

8. What is on your current reading list?

Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness by Swami Kriyananda

Rajarsi Janakananda – The Life of Paramhansa Yogananda’s First Spiritual Successor.

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