Read These 5 Greatest Love Stories of All Times to Lift Your Mood


 “Popular romance novels like Eric Segal’s Love Story or famous love story books like Chetan Bhagat’s Two States are a reminder that love outlasts difficult times. These famous love story books are soaked in humour, tragedy and emotion which make the reader value the immense strength that love imparts.”

All over the world, we are being told to take precautions against Coronavirus, yet in the paranoia that has ensued, it is easy to forget that to love and being loved is still one of the basic needs of human beings. Isolated at home in the lockdown, it is time to remind yourself of the greatest love stories of all times and let your heart flutter. While no list can do justice to the greatest love stories of all times, we can always look up the famous love storybooks or popular romance novels to let yourself be swept off your feet again. Here is a list of five famous love storybooks that will stand you in good stead. 

1.  Eric Segal’s Love Story

Novels that become films are many indeed, but films that become a novel are in the rarest of rare category. Love Story by Eric Segal was originally a screenplay that was approved for production by Paramount Pictures. The house asked him to adapt the story into a novel form as a preview to the film, and the rest is history. The protagonists of the novel Oliver Barrett IV – the heir to a Barrett fortune and legacy and Jennifer Cavilleri – the daughter of a baker, come together in a beautiful but tragic love story that tugs at the strings of the reader’s heart and make it one of the most famous love story books ever written.

2. Chetan Bhagat’s Two States

This quirky novel is a popular romance novel that tells the story of two lovers –  Krish and Ananya, who hail from two different states of India, Punjab and Tamil Nadu, and wish to marry. The lovers have to overcome family reservations and meet all kinds of challenges to get married. The novel is told in a simple, quirky manner which is sure to endear itself to you. Be sure to watch its adaptation too, which became a hit!

3.  Jane Austen’s   Emma

Romance never ages, and so more than two hundred years after it was written, the novel continues to rule the hearts. The heartwarming story of Emma Woodhouse – the daughter of a respectable English gentleman is keen to set up people to fall in love and marry. However, she is in for a surprise when she comes face to face with her feelings. Read the novel to see how she tackles the matters of her heart. You will agree that it is one of the greatest love stories of all time.

4.  Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera

If there is a famous romance novel that can be held among the greatest love stories of all times, it is this, it is this, it is this! Florentino Ariza waits fifty years for Fermina Daza, convinced that his love will prevail over one day. In the meantime, Fermina gets married, and Florentino tries to find love with other women too. But destiny has something else in store for them. Read the novel to see how his love succeeds. You will be ready to fall in love by the time you are done with it!

5.      The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

An old age home is an unlikely place to start a romantic novel, but this famous love book starts precisely there. Noah and Allie warm the reader’s hearts with their love that overcomes class, disease and time to stand true. As someone said, love is not love which lessens with time. Read the book to find out why the novel remains a popular romance novel.