Write your way to a publishing contract!

These days most of us aspire to be writers. From a rebellious teenager to a mature person, everyone wants to write – and wants to write to be published. Recognition is what we expect…FAST!

Adding to this ambition is the ease with which we get tips and ideas, all courtesy an amazing piece of all-encompassing technology called the internet. The latter wasn’t there two decades back, (or at least not the way we see it today) and yet great writers existed even then though their numbers was small.

With technology or without it, writers remain. Yes, publishing technology and the net have made things easier. The net has done one more thing. It has made readers wary of everything which gets sold in the name of literature.

What does one do to get into the habit of writing- the kind which folks want to read.

Trial & error and experience gained therefrom has given us certain insights into the minds of most writers. They include:

  1. Setting of goals & deadlines: Everyone including the likes of Salman Rushdie and William Dalrymple have tight deadlinese., goals for their work. This essentially means breaking your work over a number of days and meeting your deadline each day. If you do not do this, chances are that you will write a tome bigger than that of Illiad and Odyssey put together, with a zero audience! All in all, a massive waste of time (which could otherwise translate into money). On the flip side, even if there is nothing in particular that you have in mind, write consistently. Over time, your writing will find a pattern and its course.
  2. Setting judicious goals: The authors mentioned above are known for their vision and thoughts. The same may not hold true for a newcomer initially. For someone new to the field, a more doable goal of a set number of pages every day or number of chapters in so many days would help. Sticking by your commitment will see you write consistently, which over time will give you a decent stockpile of written stuff!
  3. Consistencye., write you MUST, come what may. Some folks won’t write as it is rainy and dreary outside or too hot or too cold. There is no end to such excuses if you want to write consistently. Drop the excuse, however strong they may seem. Pull up your socks and get down to writing.
  4. Do away with distractions & be in a place that motivates you to write: With every passing day, comes a new aid, a new technology which promises to save time and efforts. What it does not tell you is that these technologies also distract. What otherwise gets done in an hour may take over 6 since you can’t seem to be able to get over your addictions of the web and all that it offers like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, emails….and so on. GET OVER IT. PERIOD. When you get down to writing, SHUT THEM OUT. If you can’t, be ready to be shut out! And remember, even the place where you sit down to write can add to your distractions. Remember your school days and your favourite corner? Remember how it somehow got you into the mood? The same applies to writing. Select a corner of your house/ office which is well lit and ventilated. Get yourself a comfortable table and chair. The rest hopefully, should fall in place!