Ignite Your Inner Power: The Art of Mindful Living

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2021
-Author: Preeti Pathak
-Product Code: VPG19205


“Reach-out for great heights but ensure that your feet are always on the ground.” – PREETI PATHAK. After two successful books, 25 Essentials to Happy Living and Enrich Life, our best-selling and award-winning author, Preeti Pathak brings to her readers Ignite Your Inner Power: The Art of Mindful Living, a book on mindfulness of emotions. This is her final book in the trilogy of emotional well-being. The uniqueness of the book is Preeti’s 4A Mindfulness Model drawn on four pillars- be Aware, Accept, Act and Ameliorate. We ignore our emotions, feelings and attitudes most of the times. Mindfulness of emotions helps us to become aware of the emotions and feelings we experience or attitudes we develop. Awareness opens our mind to acceptance. Ninety percent of our battle is with ourselves; denying instead of accepting what, why and how we feel. By accepting our emotions, we empower ourselves with positive prompt action to resolve and enhance our life. In her simple and lucid style, Preeti answers every question on emotional well-being that get triggered in our mind. Inspiring case studies shared by renowned personalities from various walks of life make this book an interesting read! It is a must read for trainers, life-coach and every person who aspire to take charge of their own life instead of controlling other people for happiness and success at all times. Thank you

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Diligent, straightforward and true to herself, Preeti’s burning desire to empower everyone to become mindful and take charge of own life; feelings and emotions has inspired the creation of Ignite your Inner Power:The art of mindful living after 25 Essentials To Happy Living and Enrich Life. Preeti’s work has been recognised and honored at various literary festivals and events. Her second book in the series of wellness, Enrich Life was selected by National Book Trust, India for International Book Fair in Colombo and Azerbaijan in 2019. A certified wellness coach, meditation & yoga practitioner and counsellor, Preeti also writes wellness articles for publications and magazines from time to time. Preeti has worked as a marketing professional with expertise in brand and event management with a leading Entertainment Channel and International Cosmetics Brand for more than a decade. To connect with the author Instagram : @authorpreeti Website : www.empyreal.in Twitter : @AuthorPreeti Email : preeti@empyreal.in

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