My Sleep Diary-Reflections Within and Beyond

Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789389624632
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2020
-Author: Col Dr Karuna (Mathur) Datta
-Product Code: VPG19197


“Millions of us procrastinate sleep, in other words push our sleep to an extent we have droopy eyes, clogged thoughts and yawny self.So many of us just sleep over our sleep problems snoring away, tossing in bed, complaining every morning how unfresh we are but do sweet nothing about it.What if I tell you that a good sleep makes me more efficient, better my performance be it studies, sports, duty, assignments, anything.At this point,I would also like to inform you that sleep problems can be prevented and cured.This explanatory self- help diary will help you understand your sleep. It also has some simple cases of usual sleep problems with which many of you might identify, you will not only learn about them but also identify when to seek medical help before it becomes a complicated scenario. Now, will you wake up… Please… and stop sleeping on sleep health.A good sleep makes the society perform better. The book talks about the concept of presenteeism, where the output of the individual is affected though being present and hence highlights the need for attention at the public level. It provides a concept map of the interactions and probable solutions to better sleep in the society.Sleep Tight to Win!”

Col Karuna Mathur Datta is an alumnus of Armed Forces Medical College,Pune. Presidents Gold Medalist from her batch, she is currently a Professor in the Department of Sports Medicine at AFMC. She has worked in the field of sleep and sleep medicine for over a decade. A thorough academician and educationist, she takes pride in important knowledge and learning from students. She strongly believes that to bring about a chance one has to plant curiosity and facilitate the change by importing knowledge. this book is her endeavor to bring about a change in our mindset towards sleep.

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