Road to Abana

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2022
-Author: Lata Gwalani
-Product Code: VPG19254


Road to Abana is the story of Paari and her steely determination to return to her home in Sukkur, Pakistan — a home she was forced to abandon during the Partition of 1947. Almost two decades later, opportunity arrives when she is recruited into an arms trafficking business to deliver consignments to Karachi and Kandahar. From the deplorable refugee camp in Ulhasnagar on the outskirts of Bombay where she lives on the fringe of humanity, to the dark alleys of Karachi and the treacherous terrains of Afghanistan, Paari’s dangerous journey is wrought with hardships that constantly test her spirit and tenacity. Just when fortune begins to favour her, she stumbles upon a bitter truth and the plot to prevent her from attaining her goal. Will Paari succumb to the betrayal or will she succeed in avenging her homelessness?

SKU: VPG19254
LATA LOVES TO play the narrator of human experiences, transporting readers to a place where the lives of strong people with endearing flaws entwine in equally intriguing plots and landscapes. During a career spanning over three decades as a journalist, a columnist, a corporate trainer, Lata squeezed out time for her debut novel (Incognito, 2013). Now, she’s a full-time writer, and her writings have appeared in The Hindu, The Indian Express, and the ME Magazine. She is a commissioned author with Arre, a digital content portal. You can visit her at

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