Decision Dil Se

-Binding: Paperback
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2022
-Author: Sanjay Grover
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Decision DIL SE is a collection of TEN real stories of my life. These stories follow me as I progress through my life, from a student to a middle manager. The mistakes I made, the lessons I learned, and the victories I achieved.

Metaphorically, Ravana had TEN heads, each of which depicted one of his traits such as ego, intellect, fear, and so on. Similarly, each story in this book depicts one of the traits of a common man such as honesty, anger, confidence, and so on.

It is written keeping in mind the challenges that people, particularly students and young to middle managers, face in their personal and professional lives. I believe these stories will help them successfully navigate many curve balls that life throws at them.

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Sanjay Grover is an author and filmmaker. Post his MBA from the prestigious Indiana University (USA), Sanjay worked as a strategic marketing expert for companies like DELL and AMD. He quit his job in the United States to pursue his love for storytelling. He has been working as a writer, executive producer, and short film director for over a decade now. His first book, An Ideal Wife, was among the bestsellers for several months on Amazon (Humour) and Flipkart (Romance). Sanjay is a travel enthusiast who enjoys beer, cricket, adventure sports, hiking, movies, music, and cooking chicken for friends.
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