Why Did I Ever Get Married!

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Entering matrimony is not difficult; neither is getting out of it anymore. What is difficult, however, is staying married and that too – staying happily married.


“How can he not see why I am upset?”… “Why do women take so much time to get dressed?”… “Why can’t he just stop and ask for directions?”… “Why does she keep asking me if I love her?”
Men and women may have reached the outer space, but it’s no secret that when it comes to decoding each other’s behaviour, signs and language, we are as clueless and lost as Alice in Wonderland!
‘Why Did I Ever Get Married!’ is a book that provides a ringside view of the ‘new age’ marriages where couples grapple with some ‘old issues’ and some contemporary ones, for which they were never given a “how to” manual. These could be about a transition from being a “double income to single income couple” or coping with “libido fluctuations” in their married life or fighting over “bed-side manners” and “addictions” or even coming to terms with a “quasi spouse” at work!

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