“Women who would never beat another person over road-rage, but would not hesitate to stand with their foot on a bomb if that was what the situation demanded.
Sometimes a woman just had to throw down and kill a maniac on her day off, while wearing a nine-yard saree.”


As a mother, a woman and a retired police officer, Prasanna Killedar thinks of murder as the ultimate agent of chaos. And she knows chaos punishes women disproportionately. That’s why whenever the police seek help, she finds it impossible to say no. The stakes become all the more personal when the victim is Shraddha, her daughter’s childhood friend, and the eldest daughter of a thug politician.
Prasanna and investigating officer, Yogini Sawant soon realize that to catch the killer, they have to first enter the seedy underbelly of internet and the world of online roleplaying. As the investigation leads into new corners of internet as well as the human mind, Prasanna realizes she will have to set up her own game to stop this cycle of terror and violence. A game where the predator will become the prey. However, when you are entering the virtual world where only evil is real, baiting a damaged mind is the kind of high-stakes game that may end with devastating consequences.


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