The Treasure Syndicate

-Binding: Paperback
-ISBN13: 9789388424745
-Language: English
-Publication Year: 2019
-Author: Jatin Kuberkar
-Product Code: VPG19121


When kali yug resolved to enter Aryavatra, and encountered the las Pandav, king a curse gave the world it’s first ‘Nidhi-Palak’ or The Guardian of treasure Troves in the form of Lord Kuber’s mortal son, Suta. In time, the Guardian bloodline scattered all over the world. Acharya Agnihotri is an astrologer. He searches for hidden treasures, to fulfill his destiny as a ‘Nidhi-Palak’. Dr. Mahesh secretly finances missions for Acharya. Kumar is favored by unfathomable luck… Jabbar is a legendary digger, and Srikanth is just a common man. United, they form the Treasure Syndicate, always a team of five; a motley mix with an uncanny balance. Bound by the elaborate framework of coincidence, destiny, and fate, the mission of the syndicate is not a cakewalk. The danger is real, and the conditions are never favorable. A hunting past awaits Acharya’s team, as the Kaliyug threatens to turn the mission upside down.

SKU: VPG19121
Being a software architect doesn't change the love for writing that Jatin Kuberkar has. Times, when he's not working on coding and design, are times that he spends creating mystery on paper. Real-life experiences that stimulate the thought process and give him a map to the adventure world. This is his third book after the success of his first two books, while I was wating 'and 'cabbing all the way'

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