What do you look for in a Publisher?

As a writer, you spend months, even years, sewing together your ideas, researching and infusing life into your writing. After this considerable, work imagine the horror of entrusting your baby to someone who doesn’t understand its worth! So, rather than being in a tearing hurry to get your work published, focus on picking the right publisher. But mushrooming publishing houses can make your choice difficult and leave you perplexed. If you are one of those writers, read on…


Make sure the publishing house allows you a free hand and lets you tell your story without losing your voice. It would be utopian to expect that you would be treated as a partner and given a place at the table – right from the inception of the book to everything that takes place in between, till your work eventually sees the light of the day. A little negotiation is part of the game but you might want to check the flexibility index of the publishing house and stay away from the ones who have their ideas carved in stone. Sometimes new publications are more receptive to ideas than the established ones.

Quick Turnaround Time:

Ensure that your manuscript doesn’t languish in the deep dungeons of doom after submission. Pick the publishing house that is keen to get your words into a bound book and has the shortest turnaround time.

A Good Editor:

One of the reasons why established publishing houses have an edge over the new ones is that they, along with the brand name, can boast of an experienced team of editors. A good editor goes a long way in honing your ideas, teasing out the best in your writing and yet keeping your unique voice and essence of your writing alive. Choose yours wisely!

Marketing Reach:

Publishing a book and not marketing it to the right segment of readers is akin to booking yourself an expensive holiday and eventually not going for it! Effective marketing strategy is essential in determining the reception and success of a book. So, pitch in your ideas to the ones which has a vibrant marketing team.